Scruples Hair Clearifier Shampoo- 33.8 Ounce


  • HEALTHIER HAIR – This shampoo promotes and replenishes hair nourishment & gently removes residues.
  • HYDRATES – Helps restore and maintain moisture and elasticity of every strand so it stays hydrated all day!
  • EXCELLENT FOR OILY HAIR – It will leave your hair silky and shiny every after wash so you can flaunt your hair when you’re out and about!
  • CLEANSE AND PROTECT – this shampoo doesn’t just cleanse your hair but it also protects your hair from drying out and any environmental damages.
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY USE – Specially formulated to be gentle on hair and scalp so you can enjoy healthy and shiny hair every day!


Are you in the market for a shampoo that is clarifying without being drying? Are you looking for a shampoo that gently removes all product buildup, sebum, metal, minerals, and reverses the harmful effect of chlorine without being too drying on your hair? Are you looking for a shampoo that cleanses your hair so that it is more open to the effects of a hair conditioner or a chemical treatment?

Well, your search has ended!

This Scruples Hair Clearifier Deep Cleansing Shampoo is here as the answer to all your questions! This cleansing shampoo gently removes all product buildup and sebum residue from your hair while leaving it soft and light to the touch. It also helps reverse the harmful effects of chlorine and is perfect to be used by swimmers to detoxify their hair.


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