Hape Modern Family Wooden Younger Daughter Doll


  • Bendable wooden figures with lots of wonderful painted-on details
  • Encourage hours of creative play and story telling
  • Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials
  • Recommended for ages three years and up


Every Hape wooden doll family needs a Wooden Doll Younger Daughter. How else would the other wooden doll children develop independent identities while their wooden doll parents shower attention on the youngest one? And having a younger sibling may just require the older children to fashion themselves into upright examples of role-model behavior. But anyways, Hape’s Wooden Doll Younger Daughter is a little star in her own right, appreciative of her parents and the fact that they went out and got her a hand-painted bird shirt with hand-painted shoes from Hape. She couldn’t have asked for a cooler outfit.


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